What does Dad really want? Enjoy the world cup! Apply for Loan

Finally the month of the king of the house arrived and not only that, but also the beginning of the World Cup, and as we know all the men in the world have something in common, we love football with all our being. One of the most anticipated sporting events is undoubtedly the FIFA World Cup, Russia 2018 and Dad does not want to miss it, these are some great ideas to surprise you:

The best way to wake up!

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A breakfast to see Costa Rica vs Serbia . The game starts at 6 in the morning, you can have a delicious breakfast prepared at halftime, forget about the interruptions, give it peace of mind, you can use your ingenuity to prepare a typical Costa Rican breakfast. At snack time, opt for snacks, look for your dad’s favorites and accompany them with a delicious drink. Surely he will be thirsty for all the excitement of the Germany vs. Mexico match at 9 am.

One of the favorites arrives!

At 12 noon one of the favorites of the Guatemalans, Brazil , arrives this time they will play each goal against Switzerland , at the end of the game you can have a lunch that will make you happy more than full.

But all this will be better lived

With a new TV, it would be a real surprise. Many companies choose to have offers this season so buying a “large” flat screen will be a good investment and bargain.

We advise you to lean towards recognized brands, having the certainty that they will last a long time, in addition to verifying guarantees. Ready! We have given you a great idea, just put it into practice.

Do not worry if you do not know how you can buy the TV you have always wanted, you can apply for a Jonathan Friendly loan credit to be able to finance it for the term you prefer. You have nowhere to watch the games? It’s time for your new TV, surprise Dad at the World Cup.

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