Virginia Agency Orders Others to Hide Names of Government Employees Using Credit Cards, Raising Concerns Over Government Shutdown | State and region news

Turner received the report that was missing expenses because the office used a Bank of America template to meet Turner’s registration request, she said, and that template did not include a field for them. actual details of expenses.

Regarding Apple purchases for the executive secretary, Padden said that a court employee set up a backup service on the secretary’s iPhone and his personal Apple TV account was accidentally linked to the state card. This summer, according to records, he wrote two treasury checks for $ 4.99 and one for $ 15 to cover personal expenses.

The 2010 charge at Bookbinders, she said, involved alcohol at a Supreme Court justice retirement party, which was not supposed to be blamed on the state.

“After being notified, Mr. Hade wrote a check to reimburse these costs and the judges at the event then reimbursed Mr. Hade for their share of these costs,” Padden wrote.

And what about that taxpayer-funded lunch last year for Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons of Chirios Pizza in his hometown of Nellysford?

Padden said a court worker ordered him lunch during a virtual meeting with other judges that lasted longer than expected.

“The Chief Justice was unaware that his lunch had been purchased that way until it was brought to his attention. [Thursday]”Padden said.” He wrote a check to reimburse the state for that expense. “

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