Touch ‘n Go launches GOpinjam: a digital personal loan system powered by CIMB Bank

Touch ‘n Go (TNG) today unveiled another new digital financial offering in the form of GOpinjam. As you can tell from the name, this is a micro-loan system that is delivered directly through the TNG eWallet app.

With CIMB Bank e-Zi Personal Loan As a foundation, GOpinjam offers personal loans ranging from RM100 to RM10,000. With an interest rate of between 8% and 36% depending on the loan amount and the repayment term, customers can set the repayment term between one week and one year.

They can choose to receive the loan amount either through TNG eWallet itself or through a CIMB/CIMB Islamic Bank account. According to its FAQ documentcustomers can actually submit multiple GOpinjam applications as long as the total loan amount does not exceed RM10,000 at a time.


Based on our quick experience with the service inside the app, the GOpinjam application process is quite simple. Simply go to the GOpinjam section of the TNG eWallet app, enter their monthly salary, and the app will then calculate the recommended loan amount relative to the salary as well as the maximum amount the user can request from GOpinjam .

touch n go electronic wallet
You can easily spot GOpinjam on the TNG eWallet app.

Once the user has chosen the loan amount and repayment term, they will need to complete the eKYC verification process of the app. In addition to this, they must also submit income documents which can be either the latest monthly payslip from a company registered in Malaysia, an EPF statement showing at least 3 months of contribution, or a receipt of deposit electronic form B / BE. .

New GOpinjam customers can find out the outcome of their application the next business day, while the approval process for returning users can go as quickly as 5 minutes. At the moment, GOpinjam is available to Malaysians between the ages of 21 and 63 with a minimum income of RM800 per month.

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