These are the best forint loan offers

Everybody asks what is the best loan, let’s say a bank name. But there is no such thing as the best credit, because depending on our income, the amount of credit we need or the terms we have, or how long we can fix the installments, other banks will recommend the best for us.

It is worthwhile for everyone to calculate for themselves what is best for them . Our outlook is incomplete and since most loans may have additional terms attached, it is worthwhile to calculate for yourself which loan is best for us.

If we are not satisfied with our new auto-forint loan


We can terminate it within 90 days of receiving the letter of settlement (to benefit from the legal benefits, as we could otherwise terminate in 2 years) and then have a maximum of 90 days to we pay off the loan to the old bank (from our own funds or other bank loans). So you don’t have to hurry, but it’s a good idea to start looking at the trigger deals as soon as possible.

If we transfer our credit to another bank, it is very important that we do not terminate our existing credit until we have received a written confirmation from the new bank that they will be sure to give us a loan with the terms and conditions we look for. Otherwise, either we would be forced into a more expensive loan, or if we did not get a loan, canceling a canceled loan would be very difficult and even expensive.

There are several banks that have selectable discounts

There are several banks that have selectable discounts

That we can select from menu-specific to what we want / can accomplish for a lower repayment. On the other hand, comparing the offers of competing banks is very difficult, because these types of discounts differ from bank to bank and the rate of the discount itself and a bank can have dozens of different offers for the same loan amount.

In the case of interest rebates

we also need to look at how the bank puts the conditions that our company has for lower interest rates, and if we are temporarily unable to meet them for some reason, we will eventually lose these rebates (for example, this example may be realistic if we lose our job for only a few months) or only temporarily until we have resumed our commitment.

In the worst case scenario, we will lose the discount forever and the installment will be higher, but they will almost certainly not cancel our credit.

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