Quinnipiac Opens Meal Plan Credit Card – The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Quinnipiac University introduced a new way to “tap” on February 18.

Students will be able to apply for meal plan credit cards for the fall 2022 semester. The card will be called “Ambition Reloaded.” Ambition Reloaded cards will allow students to build a credit score for the duration of their undergraduate years. The university proposes that the cards are more beneficial and teach students how to handle real-world situations.

“There’s no better way to learn about adult finances,” said Jeff Fellowes, financial advisor at Quinnipiac’s Dining.

“People like to eat, so it’s no loss to anyone.”
The cards will require students’ social security numbers, annual income, and cumulative GPA. Their applications may be denied if they have outstanding balances on their student accounts.

“I’ve never had a credit card,” said Mason Kyocera, senior accounting major. “I imagine it’s like a cruise ship, I just tap my card and it’s all free.”

Students will have a credit limit of $50. An invoice will appear in the student’s email within 72 hours, forcing the consumer to repay their meal plan debt within three hours of receiving their email. If they don’t pay, the missed payments will be reported to the credit bureau. Their meal plans will be disabled until payment is cleared.

“They definitely don’t want undergraduates to have an 850 credit score,” said freshman history major Daisy Velez.

Ambition Reloaded cards will be available in Boomer Blue, Quad Grass Green, or with a custom image of the student doing the “Bobcat roar” from the orientation.

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