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No charge will be brought against a police officer from Moline officer who hit and killed a 13-year-old cyclist with his patrol car in May.

Katherine Pennacchio has been on administrative leave since the May 4 accident that resulted in the death of Charles W. Hubbard de Moline.

Pennachio was on his way to respond to an emergency call at 41st Street and 11th Avenue, which involved several individuals using bats and vehicles to attack each other, according to the investigation report released Tuesday by the Rock Island County State Attorney’s Office

Pennachio was heading south in the 1100 block of 34th Street when the police car struck Hubbard on his bicycle at around 2:55 p.m. Hubbard was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to the report, Pennachio was wearing his seat belt and was not texting at the time. His body camera and team camera were both active and functional. She was traveling at 54 or 55 mph, or about 15 mph above the posted speed limit of 40, and her lights and sirens were not activated.

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The video shows Hubbard driving down the right side of the street as Pennachio approaches. He turned left towards 11e street and crossed in front of the police car. Pennachio had about 1.5 seconds to react between the time Hubbard entered his lane and the time of the collision. She swerved in the northbound lane but couldn’t miss the bike.

The report describes Illinois laws regarding when police officers are granted general traffic rule exemptions. Under Illinois law, officers can exceed maximum speed limits when responding to an emergency, and police vehicles are not required to turn on their lights and sirens when accelerating, as long as they act with caution.

After the crash, Pennachio immediately called the dispatcher to report that she had struck a cyclist, the report says. She also stopped on the road and jumped out of her car to check on Hubbard’s condition. After other officers arrived to help administer the aid, Pennachio “sat on the sidewalk of the road due to her disarray. She was then transported to UnityPoint for hyperventilation and vomiting due to the shock of the accident, ”the report said.

“This incident is a tragic and unfortunate circumstance, which is not contemplated by criminal sanction. Looking at this case, it is clear that many lives will never be the same again,” State Prosecutor Dora said. Villarreal in the report. “We ask the community to join us in offering our deepest condolences to everyone involved in this accident.”


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