Helping your clients over 55 access their home equity has never been faster

With recent house price drops and continued equity market volatility, many accountants and advisors are finding that clients are reluctant to reduce or liquidate their assets. Over-55s are looking for other options to access short-term cash while they wait for this volatility to pass.

They might want to help the kids with a security deposit, renovate their kitchen, buy a new car or RV, have the vacation of a lifetime, or free up some cash for an unexpected medical expense — and for them , the time has come to do so. now.

This is where 2Be Equity Advantage comes in. This innovative new home equity loan for the over 55s, designed by two of Australia’s most experienced bankers, takes the borrower’s assets and credit history into account, not their income or employment status – this that this segment often struggles to demonstrate.

With a fixed term of 5 years, the flexibility to make interest only or additional repayments, or leave all repayments until completion, and the choice of a fixed or variable interest rate, 2Be Equity Advantage is an excellent transitional alternative to the sale of your assets.

And it’s super easy – Online Equity Advantage application takes less than 30 minutes with loans approved in as little as 48 hours.

“One of our biggest asks is that parents use the equity in their homes to help their children access homeownership,” said 2Be CEO Dr. Jenny Fagg. 2Be Equity Advantage is the ideal catalyst to help children enter the real estate market years before they would normally be able to save a down payment. “Mom and Dad’s Bank is all about building the balance sheet for the whole family,” Jenny added.

To learn more about 2Be Equity Advantage, including eligibility criteria or to try our free calculators to see how much equity your clients could unlock, visit or call 1300 222 223.

2Be offers a referral program for accountants and advisors. If you want to refer potential customers to 2Be, you can find out more at 2Be Professionals or email 2Be at This email address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2Be Finance Pty Ltd Australian Credit License 533319.

Helping your clients over 55 access their home equity has never been faster

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Last update: October 19, 2022

Posted: October 19, 2022

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