For today’s Environment, the independent comparison portal Verivox points to favorable green tariffs in the areas of electricity and gas. Those who have never looked after another energy supplier can relieve the burden on the environment by switching to an eco-tariff and at the same time significantly reduce annual energy costs. In the electricity sector, an average of 127 euros can be saved and in the gas sector 194 euros.gadcapital.com/bad-credit-loans-guaranteed-approval/

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“The most important selection criterion for energy tariffs is still the price. However, additional environmental added value is proving to be a powerful selling point that consumers are happy to accept, “says Jan Lengerke, a member of Verivox’s executive board. “The energy providers have recognized this and are expanding their eco-offers accordingly.”

Green electricity rates significantly cheaper than primary care

The average green electricity costs in Germany are calculated using the Verivox Ökostrompreisindex. Here are the cheapest offers from the largest and most well-known green electricity providers (LichtBlick, EW Schönau, Greenpeace Energy, natural power) and the most favorable offers with green electricity (Ok power, green electricity label, TÜV) are considered.loans in Oregon >

The Verivox Eco-Price Index shows a kilowatt-hour price of 26.79 cents on average in June 2013. For a four-person household with a consumption of 4,000 kWh per year, annual electricity costs of 1,072 euros come together.

For comparison: In the basic rate, in which all consumers are, who have never taken care of a better deal, arise for the same purchase quantity average cost of 1,199 euros. With an eco-electricity tariff, the annual electricity bill can therefore be reduced by an average of 127 euros.

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In the gas sector, there are two types of tariffs that promise additional environmental benefits. In the case of climatological tariffs, the CO2 produced by the gas consumption is compensated elsewhere. In addition, there are also biogas tariffs in which a certain percentage of gas from renewable sources is mixed.

These offers are summarized in the Verivox Eco-gas Index. A sample household with an annual purchase quantity of 20,000 kWh currently pays an average of 1,304 euros.

The basic supply tariff of the local utilities moves at the same consumption currently at an average of 1,498 euros. The switch to an eco-tariff can thus save an average of 194 euros per year.

“In view of these high and at the same time sustainable savings potential, we advise all consumers to make a regular comparison of electricity and gas prices,” says Lengerke. “The change of provider is fast and safe. At Verivox only fair rates are recommended, the termination takes over the new provider. The uninterrupted supply is guaranteed by law. ”

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