Credit card hack: TikTok Star reveals 1 trick to save money while traveling

For those who are planning to travel abroad and use credit card as a payment option, a well-known TikTok user has shared a useful and informative credit card hack to prevent tourists from overcharging and other unwanted charges.

In addition to this, there are also other hacks that can help users avoid unwanted charges on their credit cards.

TikTok User Shares Credit Card Hack While Traveling Abroad

Erika Kullberg, TikTok user and advocate, is known for posting lots of money saving tips and tricks that are useful to everyone. His most recent message shows a credit card hack that can help tourists save money every time they buy something with their credit card.

In said TikTok video, a cashier gave Kullberg the full amount of her purchase, charging her 20 euros. After knowing the amount purchased, she told the cashier that she would pay the total with her credit card.

When she gave her credit card to the cashier, Kullberg was asked if she would pay for the items in euros or US dollars. The lawyer replied that she would pay in euros. After giving her the choice of currency, the cashier then asked her if she was sure of her choice since the credit card that will be used was issued in the United States.

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Since reading the terms and conditions of her credit card, Kullberg responded knowing that if she chose to pay in USD, she would be charged additional fees and given the wrong conversion rate.

Frustrated with Kullberg’s knowledge, the cashier replied that she hoped Kullberg would choose US dollars so they could make more money with her, noting that most tourists fall into the trap.

At the time of writing, the TikTok video has racked up over 2 million views and around 334,000 likes..

@erikakullberg Don’t Fall For This Credit Card Trick When Traveling #money #attorney #Travel ♬ original sound – Money Lawyer Erika

2 credit card hacks to help tourists

Most credit cards can be used abroad, for shopping, dining, or other activities. However, keep in mind that tourists should make sure that the company or place accepts their credit card, by Wise.

Wise also noted that credit card owners can use it to withdraw money from most ATMs in other countries.

Since it has many advantages, shared the following credit card hacks to ensure there will be no unwanted chargers or issues.

2. Decide which credit card to use said having at least two Visa or Mastercard credit cards is a must for international travel.

Additionally, owners are advised to bring credit cards with no international transaction fees, noting that these fees normally add 3% to the cost of overseas transactions.

Furthermore, it would also be advantageous if at least one of the credit cards could be protected by a PIN code.

1. Inform the Bank of any travel plans

Notifying credit card issuers of travel plans may not be necessary, but it could prevent the bank from thinking that your credit card or account information has been stolen.

This is possible because credit cards can tag places of purchase.

When traveling abroad, it is important to know that cash on hand is also essential to easily purchase goods in areas that do not accept credit cards.

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