Capital One Platinum Card Review: Build Positive Credit

The Capital One Platinum card is for cardholders who need to improve their credit. It has no rewards, few benefits, and little use outside of building a positive credit history.

It doesn’t charge an annual fee, which means cardholders can potentially use it for free as long as they avoid interest charges by not carrying a balance from month to month.

If you’re having trouble qualifying for cards that require higher credit scores, this card presents a good opportunity to build up your credit before moving on to cards that offer stronger features.

Introductory bonusN / A

APR26.99% (Variables)

Recommended credit Average, Fair, Limited

Reward rateN / A

Annual fees$0

Intro Purchase APRN / A

The Platinum card is very simple. It has few bells and whistles and should only be used by consumers with average or lower credit looking to improve their scores. Avoid carrying a balance and pay on time to use the card for free, and eventually upgrade to a credit card that offers more.


  • Use responsibly to improve credit scores
  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Keep an eye on your credit score VantageScore 3.0
  • Faster path to a potential credit line increase

The inconvenients

  • No reward
  • Limited benefits
  • High APR (avoidable)

Why choose the Capital One Platinum card?

The card is designed to help consumers with average or lower credit improve their credit score through responsible habits. It doesn’t offer any rewards, so that’s its main feature.

Card benefits

There are not many to list here. Most useful is access to Capital One’s CreditWise tool, but it’s available to everyone, not just Capital One cardholders. It also comes with the standard $0 liability protection and a potential line of credit increase.

  • Automatic line of credit review: Automatically get a higher line of credit in less than six months.
  • Eno, 24/7 digital assistant: Access to Capital One’s digital assistant to help manage your account. Check your balance, view recent transactions, pay the bill, and more.
  • $0 Fraud Liability: cardholders will not be liable for any unauthorized charges to the card.
  • Capital One’s CreditWise: cardholders can view their VantageScore 3.0 credit score from their TransUnion credit report.
  • Virtual card numbers: Use virtual card numbers to shop securely online.
  • Contactless payment: No need to drag or insert. Swipe your card where you see the symbol to pay.

How do I apply for a Capital One Platinum credit card?

Go to the Capital One website to complete an application. Enter the information required to be considered for the card, and Capital One will get back to you instantly with its decision in most cases.

The card is issued as Mastercard, so it is accepted wherever Mastercard is.

What’s the point of a non-rewards credit card?

Simply put, to build up credit so consumers can qualify for credit cards that offer more.

How can I check one of my credit scores?

Go to the CreditWise website and create an account. You don’t need a Capital One credit card to access it. Keep tabs on your VantageScore 3.0 credit score from your TransUnion credit report and be protected with Social Security Number alerts.

Is this the right credit card for you?

The Capital One Platinum credit card doesn’t have many features apart from the ability to build positive credit by paying the bill on time. If you’re looking for a card to use as a stepping stone to better credit cards, this is a good choice.

There’s no annual fee, so if cardholders pay on time and avoid carrying a balance to avoid interest charges, they could use it for free. And, if cardholders manage to qualify for the increased line of credit, it will keep credit utilization lower, leading to healthier credit scores.

What’s the bottom line?

If you’re having trouble qualifying for credit cards and have average or lower credit, the Platinum card can help. Use it responsibly, try to qualify for the line of credit increase by showing good habits, and build a positive credit history.

Once your scores improve and are between good and excellent, upgrade to a credit card with better features.

Are there other credit cards worth considering?

Consider these other cards if the Capital One Platinum card doesn’t pique your interest.

Capital One Quicksilver One: Earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase while you build better credit. However, there is a small annual fee of $35.

Capital One Journey student card: Earn up to 1.25% cash back on every purchase, provided cardholders pay on time. There are no annual fees and despite its name, it is accessible to everyone.

Discover it Secure: Pay a one-time refundable deposit that establishes the starting line of credit (minimum $200). Cardholders earn 2% cash back on gas and meals (up to $1,000 in purchases per quarter, then 1%) and 1% on everything else. Discover will also double the cash back in the first year with the card.

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