València, without transport assistance compared to 126 million in Madrid and 108 in Barcelona

València, without transport assistance compared to 126 million in Madrid and 108 in Barcelona

  • Ribó explodes for the 20 million less investment for València in the General State Budgets for 2017.
  • The Government still does not finance metropolitan public transport despite the constitution of the Metropolitan Transport Agency.
  • "Above, we get the crap of territorialized investments that we had, what happens here?" Exclaims the Mayor of Valencia.
Joan Ribó, alcalde de Valencia

Joan Ribó, during an interview granted to 20 minutes in his office of the Mayor's Office of Valencia. EVA MÁÑEZ

The Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, has been shown this Tuesday "angry, really angry" before the General State Budgets (PGE) that reduce the amount destined for the city by 20 million euros , going from 169 million euros in 2016 to the 149 million expected for this year.

Specifically, the draft Budget, has underlined, includes "zero euros" for the contract-program that would have to help finance the metropolitan transport of Valencia (bus and metro, mainly), compared to 126 million Madrid, 108 of Barcelona (which increases 10 million more than last year), or 25 of the Canary Islands, "when it is estimated that València would have to match at least 40 million euros," the mayor compared. All this despite the creation of the Metropolitan Transport Agency, an agency that should receive these aids.

The mayor has called "unpresentable" and "intolerable" that the Government of Mariano Rajoy "continue ninguneando to Valencians." "If we did not have anything last year, we are still down 20 million," he lamented.

This was stated in statements to the media during his visit to the San Juan de Dios Center for Social Services, after the Finance Minister, Cristóbal Montoro, presented the PGE for 2017.

Ribó has asked himself "what these gentlemen of the PP and Citizens have done" and has questioned that both the spokesman of the municipal group of Cs, Fernando Giner, and "the gentlemen of the PP" have approved these budgets. "After having signed budget demands and after we meet this?", Has censored.

"We, sincerely, -have confessed- we expected to see something, but to see that the crap of territorialized investments that we had , that still go down 20 million … come down here … what's going on?", He remarked.

In his opinion, "it seems that again the PP and now with the support of Citizens have not agreed at all what is happening in this city, a terrible news," he said.

The first mayor sees "a tease" to the Valencians and an "evident and verstable discrimination with numbers in hand" the State investment for Valencia: "There is nothing for the contract-program, there is nothing for the passage of the Mediterranean Corridor through the city of Valencia neither for the undergrounding of the tracks, nor for the Pasante Tunnel, nor for the definitive station, there is nothing for the debt of the Consortium of the Cup of America, the games of Culture go down … and if we compare València as a whole with other cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Seville, it is intolerable ".

To the tail of Spain in Cercanías

So he asked himself "what is the use of the word given by the PP and Citizens councilors in the City Hall when they demand funding for these issues?"

The financing of the Cercanías train service for València "is also a disaster: Rajoy places us at the tail of Spain with a paltry million euros that he dares to reduce compared to last year", compared to 329 million in Madrid, 181 of Malaga, the 175 of Asturias, the 148 of Barcelona or the 51 of Seville. "Moreover, the high speed continues without investing one euro in the improvement of stations, when we still have pending the final station of the Central Park, and for the Mediterranean Corridor allocated 2 million, being a capital infrastructure for our economy."

Ribó has also referred to the Valencia 2007 Consortium, where "the endowment for the third year in a row is down, but it is also that they do not allocate any money to pay the debt of the Copa América, which according to the PP did not have to cost us a hard one, but that drags a debt of more than 400 million, an international event that the central government pays with the Expos of Seville and Zaragoza, or with the Olympic Games of Barcelona, ​​but that Valencia denies ".

And if we talk about cultural infrastructures, "the thing is worse than last year," said Ribó. The Palau de Les Arts "continues, with 0'6 million euros, light years away from its direct competitors that are the Teatro Real de Madrid (9'39 million), the Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona (7'11 million) or the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville (1'68 million) ". The same happens with the IVAM "that with less than two hundred thousand euros is far from the funding received by the Reina Sofía (more than 42 million), the Thyssen (more than 5 million), or the MNAC (more than 2 million ) and the MACBA (more than 1 million) of Barcelona ". The second pinacoteca of Spain, the Museum of Beautiful arts San Pío Fifth of València "does not deserve the attention of the government of Rajoy, that prefers to finance other museums".

Impossibility of hiring staff

Joan Ribó has criticized that the Additional Provision 92 of the Law of Accompaniment of the General Budgets of the State only talks of reinvesting the treasury remnants of the municipalities in investments that do not imply the hiring of personnel, that is, "they take away the possibility of encourage the creation of employment, and limit the municipal capacity to invest where it is necessary ".

The councilor of Finance, Ramon Vilar, has also added to the criticisms made by the mayor, who has also shown his "indignation" because the 2017 PGE "means a loss of specific weight of the Valencian Community".

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