Car loan interest rates reach 6-year low

The annual percentage rate of title loans has reached a new low- my link. It is an average of 2.94 percent in the current year. This is 2.03 percentage points less than in 2012. This is the result of an evaluation of the credit portal Smava.

Alexander Artopé, co-founder and CEO of smava

Alexander Artopé, co-founder and CEO of Smava

Despite lower interest rates, Smava CEO Alexander Artopé warns: “The interest on car loans has reached a historic low. Nevertheless, there are still interest rate differentials of more than 4 percentage points. Car buyers are therefore well advised to compare offers from various dealers and banks. “This is all the truer because the car prices have risen significantly. New and used cars are up to 14 percent more expensive compared to the previous year. This is data from Germany’s largest vehicle market


Car buyers should not speculate on further large interest rate cuts on car loans

Image result for car buyersAccording to information from Smava, the average car loan 2018 currently stands at 15,083 euros and has a term of 67 months. On average, it costs at an average APR of 2.94 percent currently 1272.71 euros in interest. In 2012, car buyers would have paid 2169.28 euros in interest for the same loan. That’s a price difference of 41 percent. The cause: The effective annual interest rate on car loans has dropped significantly. In 2012, he averaged 4.97 percent. On average, it is 2.94 percent in the current year. It is not excluded that interest rates will continue to fall. However, interest rate cuts seem to be coming to an end. Compared to 2017, the effective interest rate fell by only 0.08 percentage points on average. Car buyers should therefore not speculate on further large interest rate cuts.


Despite low-interest rates: interest margin goes from 0.69 to over 6 percent


The large interest rate differentials are not just related to the different credit ratings of borrowers. There are also large differences in interest rates within the rating classes: for example, with the best credit rating, there are 4.5 percentage points of difference. The interest margin, in this case, is between 0.69 and 5.19 percent. This is the result of data from FMH Finanzberatung and the credit portal Smava. Despite the best credit rating, this results in the average car loan a difference in price of € 1,971.45 (87%) between the cheapest and most expensive credit.

“The majority of borrowers can not know anything about these drastic interest rate differentials. The credit market is too intransparent. No borrower can oversee it alone. As a result, consumers spend more than € 2 billion a year on their loans, “says Artopé. “Credit comparison calculators absorb this loss. They create transparency and help find the cheapest loans. “


Car buyers should compare combined and individual offers from different dealers and banks

Image result for car buyers

According to data from the mobile market, petrol cars, in particular, have become significantly more expensive compared to the previous year. A comparison of April 2017 with April 2018 shows: At 13.90 percent, used gasoline cars rose the most in price. The prices of new car gasoline have increased at 13.63 percent similarly strong. Diesel new cars have also become more expensive. At 7.88 percent, however, the price increase is significantly weaker than for gasoline. The prices of used diesel vehicles fell by minus 1.52 percent.

Car buyers are well advised to compare the prices of cars and loans of several dealers and banks in the large interest rate differentials and price increases. This should include both combination offers (cars & credit) as well as individual offers for loans and cars. This is the only way to tell which variant has the lowest cost.


València, without transport assistance compared to 126 million in Madrid and 108 in Barcelona

València, without transport assistance compared to 126 million in Madrid and 108 in Barcelona

  • Ribó explodes for the 20 million less investment for València in the General State Budgets for 2017.
  • The Government still does not finance metropolitan public transport despite the constitution of the Metropolitan Transport Agency.
  • "Above, we get the crap of territorialized investments that we had, what happens here?" Exclaims the Mayor of Valencia.
Joan Ribó, alcalde de Valencia

Joan Ribó, during an interview granted to 20 minutes in his office of the Mayor's Office of Valencia. EVA MÁÑEZ

The Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, has been shown this Tuesday "angry, really angry" before the General State Budgets (PGE) that reduce the amount destined for the city by 20 million euros , going from 169 million euros in 2016 to the 149 million expected for this year.

Specifically, the draft Budget, has underlined, includes "zero euros" for the contract-program that would have to help finance the metropolitan transport of Valencia (bus and metro, mainly), compared to 126 million Madrid, 108 of Barcelona (which increases 10 million more than last year), or 25 of the Canary Islands, "when it is estimated that València would have to match at least 40 million euros," the mayor compared. All this despite the creation of the Metropolitan Transport Agency, an agency that should receive these aids.

The mayor has called "unpresentable" and "intolerable" that the Government of Mariano Rajoy "continue ninguneando to Valencians." "If we did not have anything last year, we are still down 20 million," he lamented.

This was stated in statements to the media during his visit to the San Juan de Dios Center for Social Services, after the Finance Minister, Cristóbal Montoro, presented the PGE for 2017.

Ribó has asked himself "what these gentlemen of the PP and Citizens have done" and has questioned that both the spokesman of the municipal group of Cs, Fernando Giner, and "the gentlemen of the PP" have approved these budgets. "After having signed budget demands and after we meet this?", Has censored.

"We, sincerely, -have confessed- we expected to see something, but to see that the crap of territorialized investments that we had , that still go down 20 million … come down here … what's going on?", He remarked.

In his opinion, "it seems that again the PP and now with the support of Citizens have not agreed at all what is happening in this city, a terrible news," he said.

The first mayor sees "a tease" to the Valencians and an "evident and verstable discrimination with numbers in hand" the State investment for Valencia: "There is nothing for the contract-program, there is nothing for the passage of the Mediterranean Corridor through the city of Valencia neither for the undergrounding of the tracks, nor for the Pasante Tunnel, nor for the definitive station, there is nothing for the debt of the Consortium of the Cup of America, the games of Culture go down … and if we compare València as a whole with other cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Seville, it is intolerable ".

To the tail of Spain in Cercanías

So he asked himself "what is the use of the word given by the PP and Citizens councilors in the City Hall when they demand funding for these issues?"

The financing of the Cercanías train service for València "is also a disaster: Rajoy places us at the tail of Spain with a paltry million euros that he dares to reduce compared to last year", compared to 329 million in Madrid, 181 of Malaga, the 175 of Asturias, the 148 of Barcelona or the 51 of Seville. "Moreover, the high speed continues without investing one euro in the improvement of stations, when we still have pending the final station of the Central Park, and for the Mediterranean Corridor allocated 2 million, being a capital infrastructure for our economy."

Ribó has also referred to the Valencia 2007 Consortium, where "the endowment for the third year in a row is down, but it is also that they do not allocate any money to pay the debt of the Copa América, which according to the PP did not have to cost us a hard one, but that drags a debt of more than 400 million, an international event that the central government pays with the Expos of Seville and Zaragoza, or with the Olympic Games of Barcelona, ​​but that Valencia denies ".

And if we talk about cultural infrastructures, "the thing is worse than last year," said Ribó. The Palau de Les Arts "continues, with 0'6 million euros, light years away from its direct competitors that are the Teatro Real de Madrid (9'39 million), the Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona (7'11 million) or the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville (1'68 million) ". The same happens with the IVAM "that with less than two hundred thousand euros is far from the funding received by the Reina Sofía (more than 42 million), the Thyssen (more than 5 million), or the MNAC (more than 2 million ) and the MACBA (more than 1 million) of Barcelona ". The second pinacoteca of Spain, the Museum of Beautiful arts San Pío Fifth of València "does not deserve the attention of the government of Rajoy, that prefers to finance other museums".

Impossibility of hiring staff

Joan Ribó has criticized that the Additional Provision 92 of the Law of Accompaniment of the General Budgets of the State only talks of reinvesting the treasury remnants of the municipalities in investments that do not imply the hiring of personnel, that is, "they take away the possibility of encourage the creation of employment, and limit the municipal capacity to invest where it is necessary ".

The councilor of Finance, Ramon Vilar, has also added to the criticisms made by the mayor, who has also shown his "indignation" because the 2017 PGE "means a loss of specific weight of the Valencian Community".

Check here more news from Valencia.

KfW funding for new construction, purchase and modernization

  • KfW funding is available for both new construction and purchase as well as for the modernization of existing real estate.
  • Depending on the program, KfW either promotes a low-interest loan or pays a subsidy.
  • If you energetically refurbish your property, you must involve an energy consultant to receive KfW funding.
  • You either apply for the funding yourself via the subsidy portal of KfW or your bank applies for the development loan for you.
  • In the choice of your financing partner, you also remain completely free with KfW loan. With the following button you can easily and conveniently find the cheapest provider for your mortgage lending.


> For mortgage lending

Guidebook / Loans

Picture: Home in planning Image: © JenkoAtaman / Adobe Stock / Text: Verivox

Whether in private house construction or the modernization of the home: For numerous construction measures there is a promotion by the public-law investment bank KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau). Above all, subsidies exist if you build or renovate in a climate-friendly way – ie for investments in a high energy building standard. KfW funding is also available for the age-appropriate conversion of your home or your own home purchase. We explain how you get KfW funding, what measures KfW funding is for and what forms of support there are.

> KfW funding programs (PDF)

KfW funding is available as a grant and as a loan

KfW funding is available as a grant and as a loan

KfW funding exists for developers as well as for homeowners who want to rebuild and modernize their property. The requirements that applicants have to fulfill for KfW funding are defined in the underlying funding program . For a list of the most important funding programs just click on the button:

Basically, there is KfW funding in the form of investment subsidies or low-interest loans. In the case of investment subsidies, the Bank contributes a percentage of the cost of a construction project. Special conditions are granted for the low-interest KfW promotional loan. The eligible person can thus finance his construction measure wholly or partly at a particularly low interest rate. Sometimes the respective KfW funding program also includes an amortization subsidy. Then part of the loan does not have to be repaid.

More about: KfW – tasks, goals and areas of activity

Find a suitable KfW funding program

Find a suitable KfW funding program

As a public-law investment bank, KfW is active in numerous business areas. For example, there are subsidies in the form of favorable student loans or the bank supports start-ups. Even those who want to build, buy or convert a property is facing a multitude of different subsidy programs. The most important of these is briefly introduced (as of May 2018):

KfW 124: Home Ownership Program

What is being funded? Construction or purchase of a self-used property


  • up to 50,000 euros as a low-interest loan
  • Debit Interest: 1.00 to 1.55 percent
  • 5 or 10 years fixed interest rate
  • 4 to 25 years duration


KfW 134: Home Ownership Program – Cooperative Shares

What is being funded? Financing of cooperative shares for housing


  • up to 50,000 euros as a low-interest loan
  • Debit Interest: 1.00 to 1.55 percent
  • 5 or 10 years fixed interest rate
  • 4 to 20 years duration


KfW 152 / KfW 152: Energy Efficient Refurbishment – Credit

What is being funded? Renovation to the KfW Efficiency House (KfW 151) and individual energy measures (KfW 152)


  • up to € 100,000 (KfW 151) or up to € 50,000 (KfW 152) as a low-interest loan
  • Debit interest: 0.75 to 0.85 percent
  • 10 years fixed interest rate
  • 4 to 30 years duration

Special feature: 7.5 to 27.5 percent repayment subsidy, max. 3,750 to 27,500 euros (depending on the efficiency house standard achieved)


KfW 153: Energy-efficient construction

What is being funded? KfW Efficiency House – construction or purchase of a new building


  • up to 100,000 euros per housing unit as a low-interest loan
  • Debit Interest: 1.65 to 2.05 percent
  • 10 years fixed interest rate
  • 4 to 30 years duration

Special feature: 5 to 15 percent repayment subsidy, max. 5,000 to 15,000 euros (depending on the efficiency house standard achieved)


KfW 40, KfW 55, KfW 70: Overview of Efficiency House Standards

KfW 159: age-appropriate conversion – credit

What is being funded? Conversion or purchase of age-friendly converted living space


  • up to 50,000 euros per housing unit as a low-interest loan
  • Debit interest: 0.75 to 1.30 percent
  • 5 or 10 years fixed interest rate
  • 4 to 30 years duration

Special feature: The program also includes individual measures for more burglary protection.


KfW 167: Energy Efficient Refurbishment – Supplementary Credit

What is being funded? Conversion of heating to renewable energy and purchase of appropriate housing


  • up to 50,000 euros per housing unit as a low-interest loan
  • Debit interest: 1.45 percent
  • 10 years fixed interest rate
  • 4 to 10 years duration


KfW 270: Renewable Energies

What is being funded? Construction, acquisition and expansion of renewable energy installations


  • up to € 50 million per project as a low-interest loan
  • Credit-based debit interest: from 1.25 percent
  • 5 to 20 years fixed interest rate
  • 5 to 20 years duration

Special feature: In addition to private individuals, the program is also aimed at companies, cooperatives and other organizations.


KfW 275: Renewable Energies – Battery Storage

What is being funded? Stationary battery storage systems in conjunction with photovoltaic systems


  • up to 100 percent of the cost as a low-interest loan
  • Credit-based debit interest: from 1.1 percent
  • 5 to 20 years fixed interest rate
  • 5 to 20 years duration

Special feature: 10 to 16 percent repayment subsidy (depending on the date of application)


KfW 430: Energy Efficient Refurbishment – Grant

What is being funded? Renovation to the KfW Efficiency House and individual energy measures


  • 10 to 30 percent of the eligible costs as a grant
  • Max. 5,000 to 30,000 euros per housing unit
  • Grants are paid only from 300 euros

Special feature: The amount of the subsidy varies depending on the KfW Efficiency House standard achieved


KfW 431: Energy Efficient Building and Renovation – Construction Support

What is being funded? Planning and construction supervision by an expert for energy efficiency


  • up to 50 percent of the cost as a grant
  • Max. 4,000 euros per project

Special feature: Can only be used in combination with the promotion programs KfW 151/152, KfW 430 and KfW 153


KfW 455-B: age-appropriate rebuilding – investment subsidy barrier reduction

What is being funded? Conversion or purchase of age-friendly converted living space


  • Subsidy of 10% of the costs for single-person barrier-reducing measures
  • Subsidy of 12.5 percent of the cost of conversion to the standard “age-appropriate house”
  • Max. 6,250 euros subsidy per unit

Special feature: Currently no applications for subsidies for barrier reduction can be made.


KfW 455-E: age-appropriate conversion – investment subsidy burglary protection

What is being funded? Measures for burglar protection in an existing property as well as the first purchase of appropriately converted living space


  • Grants are available for investments of 500 to 15,000 euros
  • 20 percent subsidy for all costs up to 1,000 euros
  • 10 percent subsidy for additional costs
  • Max. 1,600 euros in total subsidy



Often, an energy consultant must be involved in KfW funding

Often, an energy consultant must be involved in KfW funding

If you build an efficiency house (KfW 153) or rebuild your existing property in an energy-efficient way (KfW 151 / KfW 152 or KfW 430), the respective funding program usually requires a qualified “energy efficiency expert” to be involved in the measure. It is to ensure in the planning phase and on-site that the goals are achieved. The German Energy Agency (dena) keeps a list of all energy consultants with the necessary qualifications. Consumers can conveniently search for suitable experts in their area on the website “”.

Energy-efficient refurbishment – with the support programs KfW 430 and KfW 151/152

At the same time, energy consultants can lead the clients through the jungle of the jungle. Frequently, other funding is available for modernization – for example, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). Sometimes there are also regional subsidies or another KfW funding program that could be meaningfully combined. The experts for energy efficiency know each other and give valuable tips. KfW participates in the costs with a subsidy of up to 50 percent (KfW 431).

This is how KfW funding is applied for

This is how KfW funding is applied for

How builders have to apply for KfW funding depends on the respective funding program. Almost always, however, the application must be submitted and approved before you begin the planned action or sign the purchase contract for a eligible property. The application and disbursement process for KfW funding also differs depending on whether you apply for grants or a low-interest loan.

Development loan is requested through the bank

A KfW loan is not requested by you, but by the bank in which you have also completed your mortgage lending. The sending bank submits the application to KfW and the development loan then flows into your real estate financing. Once the application has been approved, you can begin to build or conclude the contract of sale. If the incentive program provides for a repayment grant, it will be paid out after completion of the construction work. The payment of the repayment subsidies is also requested via the sending bank.

Incidentally, you are completely free to choose your financing partner. Our tip: Particularly in the case of large investments such as real estate financing or the modernization of an existing property, the comparison of providers is worthwhile. Because of the high sums and long maturities, even small interest rate differentials have a big impact. For a loan of 200,000 euros with a repayment over 20 years already incurred by a 0.2 percentage points higher interest rate additional costs of 4,500 euros.

A cheap bank for your mortgage lending can be found easily and conveniently via our mortgage lender. If you are already interested in a specific KfW funding program for your project, please indicate this with your inquiry. For this, a free text field is available in the input mask.

To the mortgage lender

You must apply for grants yourself

Many funding programs provide for a grant. You must apply for this yourself via the grant portal of KfW. The documentation you need for the application differs depending on the funding program. For example, when applying for the Energy Modernization Grant, you will need to provide a specific ID, which you will receive from your Energy Advisor.

Important: Start your project only after your grants have been approved. Even if the planned measures were actually eligible, most KfW programs exclude funding for projects already started or completed. The grants are paid after completion of a measure. With the energetic modernization, a confirmation of the energy advisor is necessary again. The payment is again requested via the grant portal of KfW.





Heidelberg. For today’s Environment, the independent comparison portal Verivox points to favorable green tariffs in the areas of electricity and gas. Those who have never looked after another energy supplier can relieve the burden on the environment by switching to an eco-tariff and at the same time significantly reduce annual energy costs. In the electricity sector, an average of 127 euros can be saved and in the gas sector 194

Picture: Renewable Energies

“The most important selection criterion for energy tariffs is still the price. However, additional environmental added value is proving to be a powerful selling point that consumers are happy to accept, “says Jan Lengerke, a member of Verivox’s executive board. “The energy providers have recognized this and are expanding their eco-offers accordingly.”

Green electricity rates significantly cheaper than primary care

The average green electricity costs in Germany are calculated using the Verivox Ökostrompreisindex. Here are the cheapest offers from the largest and most well-known green electricity providers (LichtBlick, EW Schönau, Greenpeace Energy, natural power) and the most favorable offers with green electricity (Ok power, green electricity label, TÜV) are in Oregon >


The Verivox Eco-Price Index shows a kilowatt-hour price of 26.79 cents on average in June 2013. For a four-person household with a consumption of 4,000 kWh per year, annual electricity costs of 1,072 euros come together.

For comparison: In the basic rate, in which all consumers are, who have never taken care of a better deal, arise for the same purchase quantity average cost of 1,199 euros. With an eco-electricity tariff, the annual electricity bill can therefore be reduced by an average of 127 euros.

Wide range of offers at Columbia Pay Day Loans

In the gas sector, there are two types of tariffs that promise additional environmental benefits. In the case of climatological tariffs, the CO2 produced by the gas consumption is compensated elsewhere. In addition, there are also biogas tariffs in which a certain percentage of gas from renewable sources is mixed.

These offers are summarized in the Verivox Eco-gas Index. A sample household with an annual purchase quantity of 20,000 kWh currently pays an average of 1,304 euros.

The basic supply tariff of the local utilities moves at the same consumption currently at an average of 1,498 euros. The switch to an eco-tariff can thus save an average of 194 euros per year.

“In view of these high and at the same time sustainable savings potential, we advise all consumers to make a regular comparison of electricity and gas prices,” says Lengerke. “The change of provider is fast and safe. At Verivox only fair rates are recommended, the termination takes over the new provider. The uninterrupted supply is guaranteed by law. ”

Further information

With Verivox you are always up to date. Whether energy, telecommunications, finance or insurance – You can find the latest news and valuable tips in our daily news.GADcapital independent payday loan companies

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Contractor’s insurance: Did you know that this term is indeed a misnomer? This is because this insurance policy protects the contractor but not the homeowner. The house owner needs a surety bond to safeguard his or her home. This is often puzzled by the contractor’s insurance due to the fact both the homeowner and service provider can buy it to protect themselves. The surety bond helps to “ensure” the buyer towards certain conditions or difficulties.

Many types of debts are dischargeable. This indicates that the debt can be through Chapter 7 with no longer be a requirement for you to definitely repay. This includes most bank cards, unsecured personal loans, medical debt, plus debts related to assets you will no longer wish to maintain. If you have an auto loan, for example, and would instead allow vehicle go to the lender compared to repay the debt, this is feasible.

All discussions with insurance adjusters plus any financial guaranty insurance company new york representative needs to be documented as well. This includes the individual you report the claim in order to and the appraiser that discusses your car. They are documenting whatever you say and do. How you take action. You should do the same. Documents give you credibility when you are inquired (or more accurately raked over the coals) at a later time. Not just should you keep notes, in case possible record all of your discussions. You can use your phone, the tape recorder or an electronic recorder. If you have a documenting no one can doubt or confront what was said.

MUB – iShares nationwide municipal fund – Has broken out and returned off of support. Volume is usually dropping, but if the theory through the video plays out, you will see continued strength afterward in the year.

There are some places nevertheless, that commercial bail binding is illegal. In that occasion, a person who needs to write-up bail won’t have the option associated with going to a bail churl. Places that do not permit commercial bail bonding to enable defendants to post 10 percent of the bail as a financial guarantee bond towards the court instead. If the accused shows up in court, the particular court returns this transaction and if he fails to display, he stands to lose the particular 10 percent or be caught.

Be as detailed as you can, fill out every section plus levee nothing blank. When something is not applicable to you personally type N/A. If you don’t have a company address type T. W. D don’t put an enterprise address that you can’t make use of. When it’s time for the surety to issue your connection they will be using the address on the application if it is the wrong 1 your license will be organized by the state until some sort of rider is issued.

Bond money is funds that bring more of a risk compared to money market funds. They are usually used to produce income in order to help stabilize a profile. Bond funds come in 4 types. Financial guaranty insurance company municipal bond insurance Funds, Mortgage-Backed Securities Funds, Corporate Connection Funds, and U. T. Government Bond Funds.

Aside from this, you might also need to stay at home for a few weeks or even months to undergo recovery. You might not be able to do some tasks plus chores, take a leave from where you work and so on. If the accident you have met caused severe problems for you, you might have to depart your job permanently. Still, you might be luckier compared to those individuals whose lives have been used because of meeting this type of incident.

Disclaimer: Being true with call choices, this article is in no way looking to advise you to invest or think about options. There are many aspects to options that require studying the proper methods and even it may not be right for you. It’s vitally important to know the risks associated with this kind of investing.

The 2 Worst Shared Fund Mistakes You Can Make

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To become productive with your money, you have to make your hard earned money work for you. You sell your own labor which in return enables you to money. By making each individual buck work for you, this in return enables you to the wealthy over time. There is a variety of investing opportunities around. The key is to figure out which is the right one for debt consolidation for payday loans your finances.

That’s the investment industry’s response to the best mutual fund for that young and clueless. Along with only 10 years to go till retirement this target account could still have most of your hard earned money, like two-thirds, invested in share funds. Upon retirement half, your investment assets can still be in the stock money. If you are young, aggressive plus willing to accept the risk of getting heavily invested in stocks, the prospective 2040 fund could be your very best direct mutual fund business. If you prefer much less risk, here’s how to establish your speed control establishing down a notch or even two.

This review is consolidation loans for fair credit about the favorite television Infomercial generally known as Investools. The TD system that talks about buying and selling stocks and shares and mutual funds just the perfect time. Three eco-friendly arrows on a particular product indicate you should buy and 3 red arrows indicating a period to sell.

Diversification is an important and helpful principle of investing. In order to diversify your investments, you merely vary where you put your hard-earned money. Instead of putting all your profit the stock of one firm, you can invest in several companies’ stock, how do I invest in mutual funds do I invest in mutual funds, buy provides, and invest in commodities.

No Insert Structure: High commissions may have a detrimental effect on even an excellent mutual fund. Most excellent funds offer a no-load alternative or a load-waived option that can be found through financial advisers. They are the ones that you want to invest in due to the fact every dollar goes to indeed work for you. Not a broker.

There’s a big difference between preserving and investing money. If you want a cash reserve plus total safety keep some cash in the bank. If you want to make investments money and make it develop, go with mutual fund trading. For most of the people quite often, mutual funds are the best expense.